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30 Apr 2015 - Elizabeth
I really like your resources, but we are now an ipad school so it may not be worth us taking out a subscription if most of the exercises are only accessible via a computer. Do you have plans to make Oye ipad compatible? (I hope so!)

21 Apr 2015 - azabeth

6 Feb 2015 - Gerry
Great stuff! Year 7 grammar regular verbs matching game includes a typo 'you lives'.

30 Sep 2014 - Mona
When the activities are in whiteboard mode should the font be bigger.Do I need adobe for this to work correctly? Thanks

4 Aug 2014 - Carolyne
Our school is looking to register with your website. If we use our card to pay online will we get an invoice as we require this?

14 May 2014 - alicia
This is a very gopod website and has helped me with el espanol great;y :-)

4 Mar 2014 - lol
i want manic miner

3 Mar 2014 - samantha
hi i think you should do some fact files about the subject and not just games because when i went on food in spanish there where only games and i had wished to learn about food because it is my next subject

17 Jan 2014 - Gerry
Hi, this exercise in year 10/11 on Pirates... the movie is good, tho sound quality a bit dodgy (re-record?). It does contain a couple of mistakes, however. It's trata de not se trata de and an adjective towards the end needs to be fem to agree with peli. The kids love this website, btw.

7 Nov 2013 - David
hi - I have a technical problem... for a while now, when using the Spanish pages, the menu page for each year group will not scroll down - this does not happen when I am on the French pages...!??Any ideas? ta

25 Oct 2013 - Julia
Can you explain why I cannot scroll down to see all of the activities available? There are no arrows to do this as normally found on a website page

4 Oct 2013 - Jane
Thank you very much for the new videos! They're going to be so useful. Thanks Jane

1 Oct 2013 - Ailsa
Are you going to put some more videos on the site for year 12 and 13 because the ones you have are really useful.

14 Sep 2013 - Ben
I just saw that you had put some videos on Oye for Year 12. Great idea.

13 Sep 2013 - Trish
Thanks for the new videos. Could you add the transcripts too, please?

8 Sep 2013 - Lea
Thank you for adding all the vocab scetions. I'm starting to study Spanish at A level and I think I going to need them!!!!!

2 Sep 2013 - David
The vocab sections for the 6th form needed working on. Well done for getting them all ready the new school year.

9 May 2013 - Megan
Brillant, really helps me understand Spanish.....hmeee

9 Apr 2013 - laura
These website is great fun and helps me alot. Thankyou Laura

2 Apr 2013 - Jordan
I find the site very helpful as i often struggle with assignments.