adolescente - teenager
aguantar a - to put up with
ama de casa - housewife
armar un follón - to cause a row
autoridad paterna (f) - parental authority
baja paternal (f) - paternity leave
castigar - to punish
castigo (m) - punishment
cercano - close (emotionally)
comprensivo - understanding
confiar; confiarse en - to trust
contar mentirijillas - to tell lies
contestar mal - to answer back
criar una familia - to raise a family
criticar - to criticize
divorciarse - to get divorced
divorcio - divorce
edad del pavo - awkward age
estar castigado - to be grounded
estar harto/a - to be fed up
familia adoptiva - adoptive family
familia biológica - biological family
familia de segundo matrimonio - family by a second marriage
familia desestructurada (f) - broken/dysfunctional family
familia extensa - extended family
familia homosexual - same sex family
familia mono parental - single parent family
familia reconstituida - reconstructed family
familia unida (f) - close family
hacer las paces - to make up (after a row)
hacer sacrificios para tus hijos - to make sacrifices for your kids
hermanastro - step brother
hijos adoptivos - adopted children
independizarse - to be independant
ligar con - to go out with
llegar a las tantas - to come home late
llevarse bien con - to get on well with
llevarse mal con - to get on badly with
los lazos familiares - family ties
los parientes - relatives
madrastra (f) - stepmother
madre soltera - single mother
malentendido - misunderstood
mayores (m) - grown-ups
mentir - to lie
meterse - to interfere
mimar un niño - to spoil a child
molestar - to annoy
monopolizar el cariño de los padres - to monopolise parents' affection
mostrar autoridad - to show authority
padrastro (m) - stepfather
padre soltero (m) - single father
perdonar - to forgive
preocuparse - to worry about
sangre llama (f) - blood is thicker than water
separarse - to separate
tener celos de - to be jealous of
tener una relación especial - to have a special relationship with