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13 Dec 2017 - No name provided

This site is well organised and easy to use.

1 Dec 2017 - Mrs Templier

To the Oye team,

My year 7 pupils thoroughly enjoyed playing the balloon games. They kept restarting the game to get all the answers right just to see the teacher take off ??

25 Nov 2017 - Ben G.

This is an extremely useful resource for homework. It’s intuitive and pupils enjoy the work.

Thank you so much

Ben G.

12 Nov 2017 - Jim

This is a really great site for beginners and intermediate.


4 Nov 2017 - Zoe

We used Oye in school yesterday and we played splat the teacher on colours. It was good fun.


29 Oct 2017 - Maria

Really like the look of the new exercises! Well done!


16 Oct 2017 - A Spanish teacher who doesn’t want to reinvent the wheel

I have been using your site for many years and I love it!

3 Oct 2017 - Adrian
In the speak and place game Yr7 numbers 1-30 game, the number 29 is sounded as 28!

30 Sep 2017 - Miss O. Romero

Once again, thank you for your resources. We have subscribed for the past 3 years now and find it extremely useful.

Miss O. Romero


6 Sep 2017 - Sara

I’ve noticed that you have started making the exercises on Oye suitable for ipads. That’s great! Keep up the good work.


5 Sep 2017 - No name provided

When will you finish converting all the exercises so that we can use them on iPad?

17 Jun 2017 - Anne S.

This is definitely my go to site when looking for work to leave for cover. Muchas gracias!

Anne S.


20 May 2017 - Felipe

At £30 a year, this site is excellent value! Thanks for all your hard work, Catherine.



12 May 2017 - No name provided

I enjoy using this website with my pupils. I just wish there was a little more grammar exercises, particularly at KS4.



16 Apr 2017 - Mrs S. Murray

I find Oye extremely useful for KS3. There is a variety of exercises in reading, listening and writing, the games are fun and keep pupils interested. Thank you very much.

Mrs S. Murray

8 Apr 2017 - Kathryn Murphy

Definitely want to renew. We’ve used the site a lot this year. Could you send us an invoice, please?

Kathryn Murphy

13 Mar 2017 - Mr Bebb

So many sites are inundated with banners and adverts, it is very pleasant to find one that isn’t. it makes for a much more enjoyable learning experience.

Mr Bebb

19 Feb 2017 - Sofia Marquez

I am a French and Spanish tutor and I just wanted to say thank you for your sites. They are invaluable and the fact that you have a different price for schools and individuals is fantastic. Please, keep up the good work!

Sofia Marquez

3 Feb 2017 - No name provided

Good site, I particularly like the fact that all the listening comprehensions use native speakers.



10 Jan 2017 - Martin

Thanks for making my job easier