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15 May 2011 - Mia-rose
hi,i think your site is brilliant and the gap fills are really helpful, :/

25 Aug 2010 - charlotte
hi, im about to start year 8 and i needed to do some spanish revision. this really helped. Thanks :)

15 Jun 2010 - chris
make it a bit easier plz but nice web site helps a lot cheese!!!:)

10 May 2010 - Student having test for Spanish
This site is really helpful. All the information I need is in here.

11 Feb 2010 - nathan
this is a good website but plz put more games on it

25 Jan 2010 - Anthony
a great place to learn a language

21 Jan 2010 - poppy
i think that overall this website is good because it helps people to understand about s[anish, but it is also good fun to do aswell, and not some boring spanish work.

15 May 2009 - Alex
i think the section for year 7 is a bit too hard as i study it in year 7 but otherwise i enjoyed using this site and it helped me a lot

26 Apr 2009 - Erica
This website is the best website ever. VERY helpful. I'll reccomend it to anyone taking spanish or french. :)

1 Mar 2009 - Maica
SO glad to have found you. Fantastic activities. Will certainly help the learning of my ADD students with their attention. Gracias!

15 Dec 2008 - Hayley
I think its a great site but I wish there was more on it so we dont get as bored, But I do like it. xx

14 May 2008 - Holly
Really good site!! .. I only found it today when i was searching for some listening practice because my spanish gcse listening is tomorrow and this is the best site i come across! Its really helpful! Thanks!

11 May 2008 - a student doing GCSE's
maybe you could include a transcipt to the listening questoins to help us understand were we went wrong? great site though.

1 May 2008 - jay
this is great thanks for the site ! xx

13 Mar 2008 - malaika
heyy! ur site was really helpful with my A2 studies (yr12/13)thank u :D

13 Dec 2007 - bernie
amazing site! I am moderator for MFL on TRE and have flagged up your site for others to use,hope this is ok. It is sooooooooooo brilliant.

2 Nov 2007 - Jill
Hello, Some really helpful activities, thank you. What would be helpful is the transcripts for the listening activities also as it can be useful to show them to the students afterwards.

18 Oct 2007 - marta diez
Thank you so much for your invaluable help. All my year groups love your pages, thay play and learn. Impatient for new things, Marta

13 Sep 2007 - Olga
Hi, I was very pleased that I could find such a good Spanish website. You have done a terrific job. May I suggest that you create a section to practice the future tense. I teach the verb going to (ir) with places and means of transportation and I would like my students to practice it too. Thanks Olga Wilson

8 Jul 2007 - Rachel
Well done, its just what I need being a GCSE spanish student!