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15 Jun 2007 - Christoph
Hi. As a a novice to Spanish I like your site very much. It's a very good addition to my DVD-based course. Thanx a lot.

12 Jun 2007 - Amy
Very good website! Maybe you should add section for Yr13/A2 candidates

7 Mar 2007 - Jim
Just like to say that im very impressed by the spainish section. I find it alot easier to revise using the exercises on this website as doing constant revision from a book and learning the vocab the old fashioned way gets tiresome. Thanks very much!

3 Aug 2006 - Kate
I really love OYE and it is one of the reasons I have pushed to get an interactive whiteboard in my room. The whiteboard has just been installed and I am really looking forward to using the site with all my groups. I will almost certainly use the site with my spanish club aswell. I am especially impressed with the listening activities that you have available. I like the choice of activities and I will be able to tailor according to the groups I teach.

13 Jan 2006 - Jessica
Hello Catherine and Gary! Your website looks great! I am currently attending Cal Poly as a Modern Language and Literature major(Spanish and French). I am doing a children's book, which teaches spanish for my senior project and I would really appreciate if you have any suggestions of appropriate material and topics I should include. I am also curious...does Year 7,8,9 on your website indicate the grade level or the age of the child. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon! Jessica

7 Dec 2005 - Nicola Harper
What an excellent resource! Unfortunately the menus are all so small they cannot be read. Is this a fault with my computer or the site?? Any suggestions gratefully recieved.

10 Nov 2004 - Morag Goodfellow

Catherine and Gary

Well done with the new Spanish site! Very impatient for you to add further topics!

My first years (French) were delighted with yor activities today.

Keep it up!